Organic Beef: Why it is Healthy?

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Meat is a major source of protein, and there are lots of people who wanted to eat meat. However, not all meat are good for our health, and if people want to ensure a healthy body, they must be particular of the food they eat especially in meat. Beef is a type of meat that is a basic commodity, there are many people who would be very glad to take home delicious beef cuts to prepare delicious steaks for dinner; however, not all beef sold in the market promises health for its consumers—for we cannot deny the alarming issues of "pink slime" and "mad cow" that may inhabit our favorite beef.

There is a way to ensure the health of you family by picking the right food that can totally give assurance of safe meals. Grass fed meats are healthy alternative in selecting meat for the benefits that comes with it are plentiful. What are these benefits?

Organic Meat: Nothing can beat food naturally produced be nature. Organic meats are chemical-free and grown in the natural process wherein no artificial alterations have been made in order to hasten the growth of animal and be easily readied for slaughter. Most of the meat we can find in the market today are products of animal feeding operations, where ranchers are giving the animals hormones and antibiotics prevent the cows from getting sick and to let them grow faster. In addition, the cattle are also fed with grains which is not their natural diet, this results to unhealthy animals dependent on medications giving side-effects to humans.

Raising Organic is Humane: Confining cattle in feedlots is not the way they should be raised. These creatures are naturally grazers and their feed is grass. When cattle are raised in an organic pasture and allowed to roam in grasslands, having free access to fresh air and sunlight, they tend to grow healthier and can produce meat which are leaner, flavorful, and more nutritious.

Healthy Food: Grass fed meats are naturally healthy with 500% richer essential fatty acids than the conventionally raised cows. Grass fed beef have higher content of Omega-3, a heart-friendly fat, and CLA, an immunity and metabolic booster. Grass fed meats have less calories which can help manage weight with the right intake.

Healthy eating starts from the source of the food we eat. If many people will go organic, more farmers will be motivated not to use chemicals—a way to keep our environment healthy too.

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I am Diana Adams from Fort Ann, New York. I am a certified food-lover and I enjoy eating organic meals

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