Our children are in trouble (part 3 - social function of food )

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We always forget about mentioning the emotional importance of food when we look at food and it's functions. We all know well that food is the source of nutrition and it fuels our bodies and our physical activities or repair damaged cells or tissues or whatever and it's importance to hair or skin and it helps us to grow and maintain our bodies healthy and helps us to think . But on the other side we have the social functions too. This is a really important part of the equation. Food is a way of communication even between the mother and her newborn. It's a way of showing care for one another. It's a way of celebrating together. the food is a part of our history and traditions. Food is a way of expression of belonging to our country. Food is a mean of solidifying social connections. It helps integration of children into their families and societies. There is a research saying that children who eat family meals actually do better in terms of their emotional well being. Plus it's a way to spend time with your family.

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