Our children are in trouble.

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We have outsourced the job of feeding them with food that is highly processed produced by companies that prioritize short term profits over the long term health of us and our children.

Now, one of the biggest problems, is that large amounts of salt, sugar and fat are hidden in these food, in order to enhance their flavor, so they are more likely to sell. Almost everything you find on the supermarket shelf that has been packaged, canned or bottled, falls into the category of processed food. Including breakfast cereals, cookies, crackers and sweetened drinks. Even yogurt, or kinds of cheese, or sauces that you might consider it healthy food, it can turn out to be highly processed.

One way to differentiate, is to look to the number of ingredients listed on the label. If the food has long list of ingredients and preservatives and flavors then it's most likely to be highly processed. Especially, if those ingredients are not easily recognizable to you.

But the best option, is always the kind of food that we can prepare at home. Now not everybody can afford to buy fresh whole food ingredients all the time, but we can do our best with the resources available. 

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