Our country making us ashamed!

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The other day i was travelling in a train in England and i saw a man reading a newpapers and he turned pages and there it was! The attack on the busiest airport of Pakistan! the title of the article and the guy read the whole article and just nodded!

I was wondering how would a few terrorists enter one of the most secure locations with firearms, its stupid. But then i think that there might be something that the government wants to hide by making a few idiots attack the airport. Nobody can get into an airport without official help and i am sure there were official involved in this attack and then us who are miles away from our parent's our homes trying to make a good image of our country, but our governement is ruining its name itsself and ours as well.

After all that operation, killing of innocent people, what does the government want? why dont they stop this? why do they do stuff where they have to kill innocents to hide their own sins.

THe country that needs to make us proud is making us ashamed of being called a Pakistani!

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