"Our education system"

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 The introduction.Our education system,whatever it is,is not being operated properly.                                           1.Public and private sectors of education_English and Urdu media of instruction.                          2.Large scale illiteracy,unemployment of qualified people and the education system.3.What kind of education system is needed?                                                                                                                     (a) Which guarantees universal education;(b) Which has suitable courses of studies for first-rate scientific,technical,technological and professional education and greater scope for



research.5.Improvements in education are connected with the social and ecomomic system.It is a fact that our education system is not being operated suitably in order to develop a proper understanding among the people to solve the monster problems of overpopulation,inequality,unemployment and corruption.Only the mass (the common people),with suitable education,can throw up national leaders to take the country to the heights of success that is deserve.Firstly,we notice the two sectors (spheres) of education in the country,from the primary school to the university level_public (government) and private.                                                                    We have schools,colleges and universities controlled by the government.A shift in favour of privately controlled and autonomous educational institution is visible.At the school level,the syllabus and courses of reading are described by the Boards of intermediate and Secondary Education,and books are prepared and written by the textbook Boards in the four provinces.                                                                                                                                    The medium of instruction at the primary level is Urdu and the provincial languages (pashto,Balochi and Sindhi),except in the punjabi,where is it only Urdu.In the government colleges,the medium is mostly Urdu though English is taught as a compulsory subject up to the degree level.In the private sector,the school and colleges are Urdu as well as English medium. The colleges with post-graduate classes and universities,are maintaining English for technical and science subjects,and both English and Urdu for the arts subjects.But in some institutes there are still very much low education.And this thing spoils a student's career.                                                                                                        Teachers are also not so much educated there that is why this type of schools and colleges falls at the end of the list .

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