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Education is essential for every human being. Whether a man or woman an equal education for all is essential and a must for all is.

But today, I'm going to talk about in our education system that is very poor, partly because our Government, and our system is increased, among other things, the education of our students today with more and more focus.

Our education system is not able to make their hands went in to this system. Our Government and our private sectors do not fullfil their obligation of teachers in the institutions are running your own business, and all of our innocent children being hurt in the future between support of the people.

Is there any nation because of the development of the educational system as well so people will be less literate so there will be more so in the public consciousness of poverty there.

But all these things requires that our education system should be equally good. And all of them must be of a thing must also be an education for all children, whether they be rich or a poor same for all. Then we will be able to make a Pakistan bright future.

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