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Food is a gift from Allah.

We eat food to get energy We use this energy to do good work.We must eat food Properly and eat on time do not eat all day and do not over_eat eat as much As you need do not eat very hot and spicy food eat simple food in night.

Your food must have vitamins,Milks,Meat,Dates and Honey is very nourishing And delicious.

Do not use a spoon for eating solids Eat with three fingers do not soil your fingers fully eat with the upper part of fingers from small morsels.

Do eat large morsels and don't eat fast eat slowly chew the food well if food drops from your hand on a clean place pick it clean or wash it and eat it.

When you pieces of fruit take one piece at a time do not shake or lose bread or chapatti do not wipe your side of the plate and not from the centre.

Do not talk much when you eat always sit you eat food or drink water drink water in three gulps.

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