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                                                     “Part two”

When our prophet was praying on his way back from Taif, a group of Jinns heard his recitation of Quran is Salat and accept Islam. They were good Jinns.

Iblees or Satan is a bad Jinns? Why is he our enemy? He is full of hatred and revenge for us. Why? 


You remember that when Allah ordered everyone bow to Adam. Satan refused to bow. He was proud that he was made of fire and would not bow to man made of mud. So, Allah condemned Satan to hell forever. 

At that time, Satan said to Allah ‘’O my Lord! If it is so, then give me respite till the Judgment Day when they will be raised”

Allah said “t grant time to you till that day the time of which I know”


Satan said. “I swear by thy honor, I will lead them all astray expect those of your servants who are sincere and purified by you”

Allah repaid, this is the truth and I say the truth that will surely fill hell with you and those who follow you, everyone 




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