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Our house is bright and shiny that is air blowing clear and fresh on our house. We live in Herat city with our parent’s, sisters, brothers, and my grandmother and we are so happy together.

There are six rooms in our house, about four rooms are used for bedrooms, and there is one special room for guests, and there is one another room that we allocated for study, in our study room there is one small homemade library .in which: Islamic insights, the story of Islam, Feqah, prophet sayings, story of lily and Majnon, and general information books are available.

The yard of our house is wide and open; in side of our yard we have a garden, that it has different kind of flowers with different kind of fruits.

We are work together because save our house clean and have a success family in our society and our parent’s always encourage as learning knowledge and arriving to our ambition.
Our grandmother always says fresh poem and stories every night and we all love her poem, our parent’s always conduct as in right ways and we always respect for them and we help them that they arrive to their ambition.

A small poem that my grandmother teach for me:

I am a Muslim

And Allah made me

Allah made my eyes

So I can see the sun rise!

Allah made my teeth

So that I can eat!

Allah made my ear

So that I can hear

Allah made my feet

So I can walk across the street!

Allah made my toes

And placed them in neat rows!

East is east and west is west



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faridoon barekzai was burn in 1996 in herat he is graduated for high school in 2013 and he want to be an engineer his beloved sport is football and his beast player is Ronaldo

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