Our Modern World

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As the time passes our world is going through the changes. New technology is coming and modern ways are getting is use. Our world becomes a global village because of the use of internet. Modern machinery makes our life easy and comfortable. In our houses many different machineries are used which saves our time and makes our life easy. Like washing machine, drier, electronics and freezer etc.

Internet solves our many problems. It makes our communication easy. Through internet we can do many things. We can send and receive emails within seconds. We can chat with our friends, family and relatives even through long distances. We can purchase items through internet by sitting in our homes. Internet makes the office works easier we can also do office work at homes because of net. Online banking makes the transactions faster and easier. These are more reliable and time savings. 

Internet also helps in education. Students can search about any topic on internet. They can make their assignments. Virtual education is also being possible because of internet. Internet also provides entertainment like we can play games watch videos and listen songs. 

Field of machine also achieves highest success through modern technology. Doctors can operate the patients through modern machinery. Doctors can now treat the patients more fastly and properly

So in our modern world is better now. It has some bad effects but if use the technology properly then it is more beneficial for us. 

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