Our Own Kind of Adventure at Dahilayan Adventure Park

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Travel is like knowledge. The more you see, the more you know you haven't seen.

- Mark Hertsgaard

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I truly agree on the quote above, it is only when you go see for yourself what this place looks like and not merely depend on the multimedia presented online then you will be able to truly understand the beauty of such location.

Dahilayan Adventure Park didn't make it to our itinerary, we considered it but due to the little time that we have, given that there are so many land travels to get to another location, discouraged us to include it. But well, the circumstances were in its favor, instead of going to Kampo Juan, we had no choice but to go instead to Dahilayan. I had blogged about our third day, how it went from morning to evening on my previous blog.

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Today's blog focuses on the things to do and find while in Dahilayan, what are the activities they offer, where to find it and the prices that go with each ride plus some photography tips while in Dahilayan Adventure Park! Read further to know more about these matters!

▬ All About Dahilayan Adventure Park ▬

"Mindanao's Favorite Extreme Playground"

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That's Dahilayan Adventure Park's tagline. Nowhere in Northern Mindanao can you find any other location which offers extreme adventure rather than this park. But I heard some guests who tried their dropzone activity and asked themselves if that was extreme enough? I have no idea but I believe they shouted their hearts out while they hang in there in mid-air. I guess that's already extreme. What do you think?

Anyway, going back, Dahilayan Adventure Park is nestled at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad 4700 feet above sea level which means this here has nice, cold and chilly weather.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

There are several ways to get here which I will state at the end of this blog. As for James and I, we borrowed my uncle's motorcycle and drove our way from Damilag to Camp Philips to Dahilayan which only took 30 minutes minus our stopovers because we flew our drone for the pineapple plantation.

▬ Activities Offered in Dahilayan Adventure Park ▬

Dahilayan Adventure Park offers different activities and amenities for their guests. There will be no dull moments when you are inside, the park is even child-friendly and there are amenities which won't cost you any penny!

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For the thrill seekers, the list below is what you should try:

320MT plus 150MT Zipline
Asia′s 1st Longest Dual Zipline
Dropzone 120 Ft. Freefall Ride
Flying Lizard Canopy Glider
Python Roller Zipride
Ropes Course
ATV and Buggy Car
Wall climbing
Bumper Boat
Monkey Tree Challenge

For those who are not into extreme rides just like James and me, although I am okay with the riding, of course, I don't want to be in there while he watches, there are also cool amenities for you:

Chill at Pinetree Forest
Photoshoot Opportunity with Pinetrees
Observe Koi Fishes
Dine at Forest Park Cafe
Take Selfies at the Forest Park Lawn
Watch Extreme Adventure Riders' Screams
Horse-back Riding
Play with Dogs
Barrel Train for Kids
Treetop Adventure for Kids
Forest Putt Mini Golf
Hanging Bridge

Obviously, it isn't bad to stay in the shade while in Dahilayan Adventure Park. It is also not bad to keep your cool while at the pine tree forest together with a loved one. It's all about personal choices actually. As a matter of fact, it is the most wallet-friendly option!

Also, they got packages for those visitors coming in, it is better to book in advance too so you may take advantage of their weekend shuttle bus! Check out their rates:

Image credits: Dahilayan Adventure Park via Facebook

Moreover, there are other spots to check on while inside the adventure park. You may check these when you are done with the prioritized rides and activities:

Forest Park Cafe
Function Areas
Grizzly Bar
Picnic Grounds
Forest Animals and Playground
Ponds and Lagoons
Souvenir Shop

▬ Stay Overnight? No Problem! ▬

The Dahilayan Adventure Park is a huge place, it caters a wide land area and if you are that person who wants to try everything they offer, it is best to stay for a whole day or rather two days and a night to fully experience the cold weather.

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There are two hotels inside the park, there's Dahilayan Pinegrove Mountain Lodge and Dahilayan Forest Park Resort. Both accommodations are just located next to each other but are of separate areas. Their structures are made in such a way that it fits well in a cold area like this.

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Both also have an in-house restaurant. We had breakfast at Pinegrove Mountain Lodge but they have a very limited menu option for breakfast which runs only from seven to ten in the morning. While only checked in guests are allowed to dine in at the Dahilayan Forest Park Resort.

Rates are as follows:

Pinegrove Mountain Lodge:

Suite Room good for two at Php 3500
Deluxe Room good for two at Php 3200
Standard Room good for two at Php 2800
Family Loft Room good for four at Php 4500
Family Room good for seven at Php 6000
Dormitory Room good for eight at Php 6000

Dahilayan Forest Park Resort:

Standard room good for 3 persons = Php 2640
Family room good for 4 persons = Php 3200
Big Family room good for six persons = Php 4400
Barkada 18 and 20 rooms good for 12 persons = Php 7200

Standard, family and big family rooms have free breakfast for the first two guests.

▬ How to Get to Dahilayan Adventure Park? ▬

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Renting or taking your own vehicle is certainly the best option to get to Dahilayan, this is applicable if you are also from Bukidnon or Cagayan De Oro or perhaps the other neighboring provinces. But this is not the same case for other travelers or tourists who are from the other islands.

So commuting is the alternative. The following are the two options guests can go with when planning out their trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park.

Option 1. Take the Zipzone Shuttle.

The adventure park has their Zipzone Shuttle from Cagayan de Oro directly to the Park every Saturday, from 8:00-8:30 AM, at Coffeworks in Divisoria.

The fare is rated at Php 350.00 per person. Travel time is about one-and-a-half hour. The airconditioned mini-bus leaves Dahilayan for Cagayan de Oro on the same day at around 3 to 4 PM. For details and reservations, contact 0917 323 5667 or 0922 880 1319.

Option 2. Take a Public Vehicle to Camp Philips


Video credits: GMA Public Affairs via YouTube

From Cagayan De Oro's Agora Bus Terminal, ask for either vans or jeepneys which routes to Barangay Camp Philips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

From Camp Philips, there are several "habal-habal" drivers who can take you to Dahilayan Adventure Park. A one-way trip is around Php 150-200 per person, take your haggling skills with you! Don't worry as the road is concrete and it is very safe! You'll also enjoy the view of the pineapple plantation!

P.S. Photography Tips!

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Find the Koi fish pond area next to the pine tree forest within Forest Park and you'll find a very good spot for an Instagram post! Or go to the forest and take a wide shot or down to Pinegrove Mountain Lodge where the pine trees are also really cool, take a shot from below and you'll get another Instagram worthy spot!

Image credits: Jean Beltran via Facebook

Remember, do not look directly at the camera for a more mysterious look!


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