Our summer vacations tour plan

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Summer Season is the hottest season of the year and in this season the weather remains too hot and temperature hits more than 50 Degree C. In this season, all education bodies and institutes allow leaves of about two to three months to their students. It not only provides them relaxation from hot summer but also gives them oppurtuinty to make up their deficiencies’ in studies. Some students got full benefit of these vacations and join different computer courses to polish their abilities further. Some guys also plan tours to northern areas like Murree, Narran, Kaghan, Abottabad Etc.

We have also a plan about the vacations. We have decided tour of Murrre, Narran, Kaghan and Kashmir. We will travel first through Train and we have booked out seats about 15 days before as Eid is coming and huge amount people would travel soon after eid. We plan daily and update, amend it when we friends get together at cofe shops in evening.

We are very excited for this tour and it is our first tour and we have a group of 11 members. We would stay there for about 7 days and we will visit different amazing places about which we have read in books like Narran, Kaghan are famous places for the visiting and Ansu Jheel is also note able place in this.

I am very happy about this tour and we have also arranged a photographer for the great pics in this tour. I will explain my experience about this tour when we will make come back from this tour.


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