Our weekly progress in #Digitalliteracy via #Buzzscore continues to spread

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Dear Students,

Happy Eid-al-Adha to all of you!

 I would like to call you "digital pioneers." You took the first step of joining our platforms where you can share your films, ideas, thoughts and stories with the people around the world. We look at you as partners to create a “Citizenship without Borders”, where members of Film Annex and Women’s Annex can express their views safely and freely without any hesitation.

The progress in #DigitalLiteracy via the #BuzzScore continues to spread. The more active you are on Film Annex and Women’s Annex, the higher your BuzzScore and your revenues.  

This week, we had a meeting with the Swedish embassy and Women United Nations. They are amazing people working for women’s literacy and education of female students in rural areas. Women UN asked us about our activities on how we empower women through ICT. The answer was simple. We told them that we are working on digital literacy, social media, communication without borders, and women's empowerment, and provide tools for women to be independent and support themselves financially. They were very interested to know if we can help the women in shelters so they get the ability to support themselves.

In addition, our progress in Herat city is considerable, as we have interviewed students from different schools who are benefiting from the platform where they write their stories, ideas and experiences. We will continue with the same training and workshops for female students there.

our students in Film Treatment workshop 

In Kabul, our Women’s Annex football team was interviewed by a French media, and the male soccer team by CNN, which was very inspiring for our players. Esteqlal’s team leader told CNN that the sponsorship and support of Film Annex have helped them be successful and known by lots of people.

It shows how social media can help improve people’s life and make them independent.

This week, the best female performer, after Elaha, our social media leader in Herat, is Moska Sadat who has the highest BuzzScore. The best male blogger with the highest BuzzScore is Syed Ahmad. Once again, I would like to thank you all for your participation and hard work.  





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