Owning addiction.

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I have been thinking about how to break the chains of love addiction all way long. Breaking the chains of this addiction might be one of the most difficult battles to fight. Yeah true, there is no physical withdrawal from breaking love addiction. But the emotional effects of trying to break away are all but overwhelming. This attacks you at the core of your being. It touches our heart, the very seat of our emotions and affections. There may be nothing more powerful in our lives than the desire to love and be loved. That is why it is very important to take care of our hearts, and not go crazy trying to meet our deepest needs in ways that can be destructive for a lifetime. 
I read somewhere in Bible i guess that "Guard your heart above all else, because it determines the course of your life."
There have been literally millions of people who have ruined their lives with destructive relationships, all the while thinking they had found love and sold their souls to keep it. 

I love some of the lyrics from old songs. I will never forget the lyrics from a group called The Searchers. They were right on the money when they sang
"Lovers of today just throw their dreams away And play at love They give their love away To anyone who'll say I love you, Don't throw your love away, no, no, no, no Don't throw your love away For you might need it someday"

I would have never put up with someone, but why now? I am terrified of being alone. I believe it is hard for people to admit due to the fact that they do not see it. Once they do that's when their world comes crashing down. No one wants to believe they are with someone due to trying to run or hide from deep emotions. No one wants to own the fact that their life may be sadly empty. Most of us live in a fantasy world, and in that fantasy there is someone who will rescue us or make us feel completely loved, protected, secure, and full of value. Healthy relationships are wonderful and a gift from God, but no relationship can meet all those needs. It is so very difficult to let go of your fantasies and admit they weren't true and will never happen. I hurt even writing it now, but we can’t ever get healed.

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