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“Pablito viaja al sur” is an animation project that we finished a couple weeks ago and was screened for first time on July 4th in the Public Library of Puerto Aysén a little city in the chilean Patagonia.

This project was born from an eight years old kid and the National Coulcil of the Arts and Culture of her region gave us the chance of animate it.

The tale talks about a little kid that goes to Puerto Aysén to visit his family in his winter vacations and how he has a great time there in the Patagonia. This story shows a little bit of the environment and some specific places of southern Chile and also some traditions there.

The process started with the design, of character and some backgrounds in order to the needs of the tale. For that, I worked with my regular team and in this first stage Tomás Schuller was in charge of the designs and I made the first audiovisual review about the story.

Now I want to share with you a basic document that we show to the National Council of Arts and Culture to have their approval and then start to work in the technical script to develop the pre-production of the animation.


Characters, backgrounds, visual references:

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