Packaging System and Impact of Packaging on Business Development

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There was an Agriculture Exhibition in Badam Bagh in Kabul, Afghanistan. Many Afghan people participated in this exhibition to share their products and services for customers, businessmen and women, as well as foreigners. Some of them wanted to find sponsors to sell their products and some of them wanted to introduce their new product to people.

The interesting thing that I found was about packaging of products. Most stores that I have seen was some services like dry fruits, Pickles, Honey, Dairy products, Clothes, and etc. But the packaging was simple and I realized that most of the businessmen don’t pay attention in packaging and it is not a challenge for them.  In addition, the Khatera Company which is a packaging company had a story there with different and professional packaging. When I visited from this exhibition last year there wasn't any packaging company but it made me happy that I found the packaging company.One of the seller Said “business is improved and getting extends day by day and packaging is very important for business. Afghan people will understand about it as soon as possible, so I can see professional packaging in providing the products in Global Market”, such activities are very important for the Afghanistan’s future.

 In introduction to business class in university, I heard about different parts of business like, Stock Holders, Customers, Target market, Advertising, and Marketing but the packaging was the interesting part for me. I remember that we had discussion about Pringle, the Chips Company, which changed and surprised the world of packaging. Most of the packages of Chips were from Aluminum and Plastic which was damage for Earth but Pringle created a different package from paper and Catton which recycled by earth and you can recycle it over and over. Many people and environmentalists who loves Environment and earth were the fans of that and most people used this product, so Pringle became so famous and successful in business.

 As a woman which my major is business; I learned many things in business and I can see that how packaging has impact on our business. It was very interesting to visit from this exhibition; I got many ideas to improve my business in future. I will be a successful businesswoman.


Written by: Mona Haidari


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