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Last week my friend Junaid who's acting as a partner of SM productions Invite me to attend the Cultural event PAKHTUN KHAWA FESTIVAL sponsor by the Ministry of Tourism Khyber pakhtunkhwa (KPK Province)This ministry working hard too Promote the traditions and culture of Pakhtun's to the national level.Khyber pakhtunkhwa is the 3rd largest province of ours Beloved country Pakistan formerly the ''North-West Frontier Province '', is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It consists of 11.9 % of our country's total population. Pashto is the major language Spoken and understood mainly in Khyber pakhtunkhwa.

That's the invitation card.

The basic theme of this cultural festival is to promote the Pakhtun's culture and spread the awareness about the Beauties of Khyber pakhtunkhwa and their handicrafts,handmade items, traditional dances, music, dresses and more. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have rich cultural and tourism friendly environment. 

Main announcement stage and in the second pic I am standing on this stage.

I attend this festival on 22 march last day of the festival so many stalls were removed only a few of them are hereI will show These stalls, one by one.

Legends of Khyber pakhtunkhwa stall or Khyber pakhtunkhwa music stall.

Khyber pakhtunkhwa artists performing their art.

In these videos you saw different Traditional Pashto songs music using Rubab or sitar, Tabla.

Formal dresses with designs made by hands

Green Hotal Kalam Stall

Khyber pakhtunkhwa things Stall

Jewelry , hats , warm clothes and much more things displayed in this stall.


Pashtun men usually wear a Partoog-Korteh in Pashto (Salwar Kameesz in Urdu) with a Pakul (Pashtun hat) with Hawaii chapelI look awesome while wearing these.

There are different styles of Atthan dance in Khyber pakhtunkhwa.What's that and how it is performed, some students come from Peshawar City of Khyber pakhtunkhwa were performing .

In these videos you also saw me performing Loddi dance on Pashto music.

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