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For the proper and smooth functioning of a state it is very important that its institutions work properly according to their roles defined by the constitution.Pakistan, a few years after its inception, fell prey to institutional clashes which continue till today in the one form or the other.Disciplined military often outmaneuvered scattered civilian led by politicians.Unfortunately our judiciary has been validating the coups of military.

Pakistan has been ruled by military rulers for more than thirty five years in its sixty five years history .Though post 2007 judiciary adopted a defiant approach vis-à-vis military pressure yet many eminent comrades of judicial struggle have raised many concerns regarding the present scenario .Simply at present clash revolves around executive’s stance of parliament being the supreme and sovereign institution and judiciary’s stand point of being custodian of the constitution.At present a three – pronged tussle continues as evident from Memo gate issue .

In the replies submitted to the supreme Court of Pakistan,both military and civil parties ,held contrasting views : the former believes truth of Memo and the later calls it nothing but a piece of paper .Asma Jahangir ,eminent lawyer and Hussain Haqani ,the main accused’s counsel told the media that Mr.Haqani stayed in the Prime Minister House out of the fear of being captured by intelligence agencies if the lived outside .In the backdrop of such a deteriorating national landscape the ultimate beneficiaries are often anti state elements like fundamentalists and separatists.

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