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Peace is the backbone of any country towards the development, and police is the main peace keeping and crime control force inside a counrty, it is the duty of police to arrest the criminals, before or after committing crime and maintain peace.

If police is doing its duty, peace is guaranteed. All the developed nations have excellent police departments. Like Royal Canadian Mounted Police (CANADA), Scotland Yard-London (ENGLAND), Interpol, LADP (Los Angeles police department.) USA, Victoria Police of Australia.

Then there are worst police departments of the world, like Haiti, Iraq police, Sudan police, and Pakistan police, Pakistan police is ranked 10th in the world worst police departments.

There are many reasons behind this worst ranking of police department.

politicized police; biggest reason behind this worst ranking is politics, almost every political party and every successful politician wants to have their own supporters in this department, in fact members of the provincial assemblies and national assemblies have their quota of jobs in this department, so they elect their own supporters or relatives for the jobs,  because in the election and after they get elected, these supporters and relatives  helps them a lot, they harass the voters to vote for their candidate, if one does not agree, they(police) can put him behind bars. And when these politicians get elected, they use police to victimize (even assassinate) their rivals.

Bribery; bribery is another reason behind worst performance of the police department, if anyone wants a job in the police department, he has to buy that jab. These jabs can be bought from 200000 Pak rupees to 20,00,000 Pak rupees, the better(powerful) the job is, the higher the rate is. So when the job is bought, the endless process of return of investment and profit starts.

Incompetency; although incompetency is somewhat linked to political issue and bribery, but it is playing a great role in the situation. Competent persons or honest person does not chooses this department, or if by chance someone gets in this department, his whole life is spent in the police stations in the mountains or deserts.

Police controls crime, does not mean stops crime, police controls criminals to do crime for them, I have heard many stories about it.

Once a bus was on its way to Karachi, suddenly the decoys stopped the bus and looted it and went away, the bus again started the journey, the decoys again stopped the bus and asked the passengers to take back their money or things, the passengers dared to ask why, the decoys told them that they paid 100,000 rupees to the police to loot one bus, all they got from the bus was 85000 rupees, they said they were having a loss of 15000, and told passengers that they will try another bus.

Once police searched a passenger bus, they found a man with large amount of money, they asked him where he was going, the passenger told them, the police left the bus, there was a wise man sitting near that passenger, he told passenger to leave the bus as soon as he can, the passenger did so, another man sat on his seat, suddenly the decoys stopped the bus, they went straight to that seat and searched the man sitting there, they found nothing, they beat the man and asked him to hand over the  money,  he had nothing,

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