Pakistan's cultural heritage. Main Attractions

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Pakistan is the cradle land of ancient cultures and civilizations. The Indus Valley Civilization and Gandhara civilization are most important. Regarding the Indus Valley Civilization and Harappa are important places muhnju my Lord . The observation of these locations suggests that the Indus Valley Civilization was urban . Muhnjudaru and were populated city of Harappa . In order to build streets and markets was very hard work . Streets were open . Treatment had higher management , streets paved for water sewerage pipes were built . It shows that the people of this area were civilized . Residential housing construction looks even bigger style . Also strongly floor exterior walls were made of bricks . New homes was reasonably fresh air and light . To avoid weather stations were made under the basement . Which was suitable for light and air . The washroom was very spacious and clean house . There were wells for drinking water .Important places of Gandhara, Peshawar, Charsadda, Swat and Taxila are. Peshawar and Charsadda, Gandhara-era political capital are. The main reason for the fame of Gandhara art, especially sculpture is amazing. Been appreciated in the whole world. This area for some time been under the influence of Iran and Greece. Therefore, Hindi, Persian and Greek civilizations together a great civilization that gave birth to the whole civilized world characteristics were collected.Taxila was the cultural center of Gandhara. The city was a center of learning and art. The schools were popular. Where students from other countries to gain knowledge came from. Carving and sculpture from Gandhara region, numerous artifacts have been found at this time Taxila, Peshawar and Swat have been displayed in museums.       In addition to the above locations across Pakistan there are numerous historic buildings. Are part of our rich historical heritage. Bala Hissar fortress and the Mohabat Khan Mosque, Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens and the Royal Castle (Lahore), Grand Mosque (Thatta)

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