Pandora One vs. Spotify Premium - Which Music Service Is Best

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Pandora One vs. Spotify Premium

I take my music seriously when working. It's kind of me theme song to getting my act together and getting work done. It's also my anthems for when I finally get to relax and unwind or when a day gets tough and I want some metal to compliment it.

So there are different services out there for listening to music while you work, but I've narrowed it down to two which I definitely enjoy. I'm excluding Google Music not because it's a bad service, but because I personally haven't used it to its full capacity and could not give a fair review.


Pandora One

Pandora One is a premium online radio service that starts at 3.99 a month. It's got all the compliments of Pandora, but with none of the ads. There also exists a desktop application allowing you to not rely on your browser and numerous skins if you're feeling creative. The catalog of music is beyond impressive and you're able to keep track of certain songs you've enjoyed listening through Pandora.

Most impressive however, is that the quality of the tracks increase in their bit rate when you use Pandora One - and you can immediately tell.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is 9.99 a month and features a radio service as well, but it's more of a music library. You're able to sync it with your existing music and save/download files they have for offline use. You can also use mobile for the library or radio. Basically, Spotify is what Napster was when it first came out, but a legal version.


Both have pretty big differences in price point and functionality, but I'm still going to compare them and I'm going to give it to Pandora. I've paid for both of these and the mobile component is what it comes down towards. Spotify can quickly sludge your phone with downloaded tracks and its radio/streaming service is less than adequate. 

Pandora rocks it really well and will automatically buffer while your listening so you don't have awkward silences and gaps. It's cheap, customizable, and awesome.


Go Pandora.


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