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 Certain water activities that we don’t always get to try but are indeed very fun in the sun, with friends, family or any fans of sports out there. Some that we normally hear about are snorkeling or scuba diving, and maybe even water volleyball but not many of us have had the opportunity to try parasailing, water skiing or kitesurfing.


Parasailing is when a person is tugged by a boat while attached to a specific type of parachute especially designed for this activity. The boat drives off while pulling the parascender from ground level, into the air. Depending on the strength and speed of the boat, two or three people can ascend at the same time. Sounds like an awesome time, right?

 On the other hand we also have kitesurfing, which I have not heard of as often as parasailing. Kitesurfing involves the use of a kiteboard or surfboard that an individual stands on, while using wind power to pull a potential rider through the surface level of the water.


Kitesurfing involves the use of power kites, not your average homemade kite to guide you through the water. The activity has also improved in standards and safety due to innovation and better instruction for all types of kitesurfers including beginners and experts alike.

 Another surface level sport that has increased in popularity is water skiing. The sport was actually invented in 1922 by Ralph Samuelson who used a pair of boards instead of skis and a clothesline as a towrope.


 The sport itself involves an individual being pulled by a boat or a cable ski, skimming through the water while being pulled by a boat. But don’t be fooled by the athletes that make this sport seem easy as pie; it requires a great deal of upper body and lower body strength in addition to balance to successfully waterski.

 All of these water activities are great to try on any summer day with friends and family. So next time you’re planning a beach day, try finding a place around you that can accommodate your sporty side and craving for water activities including those I have just mentioned.




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