Parenting is an Art

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Temperament, moods, mindset    vary from person to person from generations. People are not alike in their ways, life style and paradigms. Every new day brings new tendencies, fresh requirements and different promoting of mind. In the social scenario family is the basic unit with all the concomitants of the mental, psychological and spiritual training of a person from cradle to grave.





 In a family the parents loom large on the minds and reflect in the actions of the children’s. But the unfortunate part of the story which needs to be highlighted and conveyed at a large scale is that in our society the relations between parents feel that the children are misinterpreted and wrongly practiced. The parents feel that the children are their property and they owe this property as long as they can and as authoritatively as they can. They nourish them with good foods dress them in fine garments, school them in renowned ammeters and then feel that this is all due of them. They forget that their first and foremost duty is to make them in ideal human being. This they can do only if they in themselves become an ideal human being.

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