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I have always wondered what parenting was like since I was a little girl myself. I used to think that its a breeze, but I was wrong. Parenting is never a breeze, it's a tough journey. From the time when your baby is born, there are endless sleepless nights to colic pains. After that, there are teething problems.

Once the teething problems have finished and your little one is showing his two front teeth, there comes the war and tussle of introducing solid to the baby. When the baby starts crawling, you have to keep a keen eye on your baby at that time. You can not even go to the toilet when your baby is crawling. The reason is during the time when you are busy pooping, he might insert his finger in the plug and you will never want that scary situation. So, its better to poop when he is asleep.

You will have to baby proof the house once your baby starts standing and walking after holding onto things. After that is a relief phase when parents literally get a break- the school going age. You can have your baby admitted to a preschool and do all your chores when your baby is away.

After preschool is the school and then again you will have a tough routine with your baby. Once the school is over, you will be there worrying about your kids' girlfriends and boyfriends. The high school period is a good one, just that your teenager behaves like he is no one to you. This will be over, don't worry. 

Once your teenager is over his hormones, he will be your same old baby which you gave birth to. The difference in the current baby will be that he will need more resources to go through life now. You can suggest him to try freelancing at bitlanders to earn some revenue. He will be successful throughout his life, I am sure.

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