Parents and Children’s

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 Children’s are the grates wealth for the parents. They are the best reward for the parents. Parents take grates pain for them when the children come in this world. It is only the parents who are responsible to provide children with their basic needs. Sometime parents happily manage to give them such luxuries which are not basic rather than unnecessary. Both mother and father face different face to different type of troubles for their children’s.






Some times children’s become rational to compromise for parents. Mother think her children and note able her son would become a source to sustain and support her in the years to come. In this way she neglects lace of attention or harsh attitude shown to her. Children’s add beauties to life of parents yet in another way father labors to earn good place for the children’s.

Actually they find their own reflection in their childhood.



“Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day"


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