Parents are our role models

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To be honest I don't want to get into the formal blogging patterns of giving an introduction and all.

This one is totally about everyone of us. Parents are our role models, it doesn't mean we become like them or whatever we do and decisions we make are influenced by them. But it means that deep in our heart, they are never wrong, they are true, they are perfect. And deep down in the core of our heart, we love being like them even if it's in only one of the thousands of ways we live our life.

Parents are our mentors, they are our guides for all walks of life. They are our first school. We grow watching them, observing them and learning from them. They teach us the difference between right and wrong. But they are also humans, they can also make mistakes or forget any of the basics of bringing-up. However it doesn't make them any less important or any less loved.

We adore them. As children, we try to talk, walk, act like them. We love all the activities they do even if it's watering the plants.

However, as we grow we are influenced by temporary stolen trends of being rebellious or feeling dissatisfied by the efforts our parents do to make us happy. Things that they do for us, and the do's and don't's that they impose on us for our own betterment are taken too much negatively esp when the children are in teenage.

This dissatisfaction stops when the children become parents themselves and they get to face all the troubles they gave to their parents. Only then they know how much the parents were always right. And how much they should have always listened to their parents.

We know it in our hearts. Moms and Dads might be rude, angry and moody, but none of it makes them our enemies. We once wanted to be like them in childhood. That was because our minds were not corrupted by outside influences. And i know i don't have to convince any one on this cause' we all know it. They were, are and will always be our role models.

Lets not hurt them anymore. If they can love us without any expectations, we can also return some love to them. Lets obey them, and enjoy the comforts of following a role model that loves us the most.


Keep smiling. Stay blessed. :)

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