“Parents have right (or)don’t have right to describe the future of their children”

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“Parents have right (or)don’t have right to describe the future of their children”

Yes! Ofcoarse !Parents have a right to take the every  decision for their children.Parents are the builder of their children,they build their children’s character,their habits.

The rights of parents include their orders that their children must be obey and its our duty to give respect to them,and always  show positive behaviour  towards them .Don’t show rude behavior towards them.

It is the right of the children that parents thought them as a gift of Allah and give them better facities to themTreat with our relatives in well mannered.Affection should be given to orphans.

Patents should be given the bacis necessities of life to spend their life in a very good and in comfortable manners.They give their children the idea about life.

Parents should always give prefence to that thing which is suitable for their children.Parents have a right to take the decision for their children ,because they know what is right and what is wrong for their children,which thing is important for their children,which profession has great scope .They want to select that profession  for their childs which has a great scope ,because they wanted to make their child a fantastic professionalist,a very good doctor,(or) engineer .


They wanted to give a good future to their childs because because they don’t want to give those troubles to their childs ,which they face in their own life.

So,parents  are  sincere  ,guardian and well wisher to their childs and they tried their best to give a very good and brillient  life to their childs.

In short:

”No one can understands us except our parents”

Always obedient to your parents.


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