Parents recreate scenes Series and Movies with Your Baby

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Today, find something original and fun on the Internet can no longer be such a difficult task. But you know I run into something original, funny and endearing addition, it is something that is priceless.

Now I will present what Leon Mackie and his wife, Lilly Lang, passionate film buffs and consumers of audiovisual content, performed in this fun project "Cardboard Box Office".

What they do is recreate famous scenes from some of your favorite movies and series, which include: Breaking Bad, ET, Batman and Game of Thrones, among some others. But that does not stop there, because this representation is not made alone, but involve their young son Orson that is key to all scenes, since it is he who gives a twist to what we see.

The Godfather

Los Locos Adams

The Goonies 

The endless story

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Napoleon Dynamite

Top Gun 

The Breakfast Club



Game of Thrones 

King Kong 

Breaking Bad 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Return of the Jedi


Star Wars



The birds


The glow

Selfie Oscar 2014

The Matrix

A couple of idiots


The Big Lebowski

Set Willy free

Watch as those achieved such great and fun scenarios:

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