PARKING (Increasing issue in Paksitan)

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Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle  and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions. Some buildings have parking facilities for use of the buildings' users. Countries and local governments have rules for design and use of parking spaces.



Parking and No Parking Signs

In our country parking signs by our traffic police are like this and these arrows  shows the direction of the parking place.

No parking signs are like this

Best Way to Park vehicle 

Park vehicle always to those areas which are only provided for parking. If it is necessory to some reason to park vehicle on road then try to park as much as you can to the side of the road.Before leaving your vehicle make sure your vehicle does not harm  any passing vehicle ,switch off engine and push the handbrake and lock your vehicle.

Road as Parking stand

Parking issue is now the issue of whole country  and increasing day by day. Major cities are highly effected by these including the capital also.The residents who wants to visit weekly bazar (Jumma Bazar's and Itwar bazar's) are facing parking issues sue to lack of spaces to park around these bazar's.

How parking issues effected peoples of different cities i discuss below one by one and to start with my city Rawalpindi.


Main shopping areas of my city is Raja bazar , Commercial market and saddar.These are the major areas where you can buy ,eat and enjoy all the things you wanted.There are no parking spaces in those areas of town. The illegal parking throughout the city is increasing problems for the customer which leads to the affected business of the traders and shopkeepers.Zero parking arrangements leads to block the road leading to the market all the way and People park their vehicles and bikes anywhere they want because of  this attitude its hard to walk even by pedestrians.These illegal parking made hard to move even from one shop to another.These traffic jams  hurting the town business also traders start to shut their business in this area.


 Islamabad (Capital)

Islamabad, the capital of our country also facing these parking issues,l even greater than my city.There are a number of markets a really big markets are there to facilitate the residence of Islamabad .Sector G-6 market facing the parking issue a lot. The motorcyclist that visited these weekly bazaar park bikes on roads because of no space of parking which causes traffic jams and sometimes even more worse, causing accidents also.Lack of parking spaces, especially in weekly bazaar's is now becoming an issue which results also quarrels among owners sometimes.For me as a customer visiting these bazaar on bike was a nightmare ha-ha, I had to park it on foothpaths or on road .


No parking spaces  in capital require attention of CDA capital development authority and also force the drivers to park on roads in greenbelts.Peoples searching in big markets for parking all the day but according to law owners of palaza's are also responsible for this not making parking inside / on roof  .This is also very important.Many survey were conducted till today in which it is clearly mention that major buildings in the city also does not have any parking place.


 Lahore (Heart of country)

Lahore the historical city also increases its population and from time to time new commercial and residential societies made there but because of this development city became more and more congested and that's why parking problems rises with the development .City distric government lahore is not doing necessory steps to maintain smooth flow of traffic which leads to the parking crisis.The main Hall road constantly jammed all the time day or night.


 Land owned by punjab goverment somewhere at Doongi Ground in Gulberg but some highly officials are interesting to make shopping mall and theater at that place.Lahore district government constructing parking palazas but majority of them stops  working because of some political difference.

 Picture below is showing illegal parking at Aiwan-e-Adal at lower Mall near Lahore Bar Council.A real traffic mess easily seen at that place .Main buildings in that area is  Election Commission of Pakistan, Evacuee Trust Property Board, Post Master General Office , Commissioner’s Office, and much more.Peoples working in these offices facing hardship to reached their offices.



In terms of population it is the biggest city of our country and with that facing biggest parking issues through out the city.Its hard for you to find car parking in this highly populated city.No parking fee on open places of city.In karachi parking in no parking zone is trend now and its hard for traffic police to tackle this situation.Parking on wrong is the major cause of road accidents in the city.Drivers mostly ignore traffic rules while driving and situation is going to even worse with time.Serious step should be taken in order to tackle this situation.



Traffic police Car lefter 

Traffic police uses car lefter to left the car which is illegal parked at the road side and impossed fine also .Different awarenesss programs are also started in oder to overcome these country issues.


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