Pathways toward Autonomy

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Writing article about women’s education role in improving the situation of women, is really beneficial subject for Afghans especially Afghan’s women, who need to empower themselves. The term empowerment is a socio-political concept which offers pathways toward autonomy for women. Autonomy is not different from empowerment and both have the same meaning. Empowerment of women includes social, cultural, psychological, political and economic components.

During three decades of civil wars in Afghanistan, the Afghan’s women meet serious problems of life especially they lost the important part of developmental life that is education. These problems were mostly sensible in Taliban dark regime.  These limitations of Afghan’s girls to educate are important concerns that forbid them to become powerful.

Now it is the time to (bye bye) with past and start new life in which to find pathways toward Autonomy of Afghan’s women. In order to promote Afghan’s women empowerment, it is necessary to create an environment that will allow women to participate in social and political programs and share the benefits. Afghan government must provide ways that women can participate in different areas. There is also a necessity that afghan women must annihilate different social and cultural issues for their empowerment.

I prefer these pathways toward autonomy and empowerment of Afghan’s women:

  • Combating against illiteracy.
  • Combating for women's right.
  • Increasing of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Making of own decision.
  • Participating of women in different points of social works.
  • Electing a leader for themselves.
  • Cooperating with other women to annihilate violence against them.



In addition, Media is an important key for empowerment of Afghan’s women. Through press media and broadcasting media we can campaign to raise awareness from their rights and aware people from violence and problems which meet women. Social media as a part of media would be possible pathway to share experiences and learn from one other, in this manner social media could be an important tool for Afghan’s women that enhance their social participation and will be an efficient tool for empowerment of them.

In this section the important social pathway in for Afghan’s women toward autonomy is a website calls Women’s Annex. Women’s Annex is a website for women’s empowerment for Central and South Asia women, who are in need of help. Afghan’s women can also use this social media and get digital literacy to become powerful.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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