Payment Method Change Again on Bitlanders.

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Some time before Bitlanders change the payment system,And when we request for payment on Bitalnders then we add email address for payment.But now again Bitlanders system change Now again wo submit Blockchain wallet adress for payment Thats nice Because old payment withdraw system is very bad.And some Bitlanders users can't claim the payment easily.Now You can withdraw yours bitcoin on bitlanders directly.Bitlanders send you money Direct to yours blockchain wallet address.Thanks Bitlanders For changing payment system again,.

I post email which one send me Bitlanders in my mail box.


Redeem your bitLanders Rewards to your Bitcoin Wallet address!

Your latest redeem rewards have been canceled for the reason below:
Our apologies, due to some issues we have recently encountered with, we will be sending your rewards directly to your Bitcoin Wallet Address.
Please withdraw your rewards and kindly provide a valid Bitcoin Wallet Address during the process of withdraw request.
Please note: Orders may take up a couple of working days to be proceed, after the system confirms the order.  To see the status and history of your orders, please go to your "MY ORDERS" page:
Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused and thanks for your cooperation.
Thanks for using bitLanders!

The bitLanders Team

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