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Peace , a word that is always used in the war . When we apply the word to their own peace of mind , we are drawn into the war , the war that took place due to Weber 's strategic policies of the parties or one of the parties that the policy , namely Peace implement peace to be their a cease-fire entity be but behind the armistice is possible that certain decisions made and policies are adopted .

against your hand or say that is not a sign of weakness to a colonial reformer that counts.
But on the other hand, will see this coming and looking for a fight by fight and both have one thing to have a goal each warhead .
Your peace can prevent many losses and loss is the first casualty loss is obstacle to peace .
In a fight to ensure those victims will be . Whether we are in a state of civil war or foreign military and civilian personnel have lost a family quarrel between the two families are , whether the compromise second benefit jurisdictions this resolving it interference provisions course Collateral Prevent Peace your financial affairs can be a big help to an economy that do.
The unity of the people and the party for victory in war or weapons of any type of equipment they use , which is of great financial need . The financial budget can be used in more ways .
For example, if a compromise to raise military forces or projects that are taking place are discussed .
These funds can be used in civil and Vqlmrv Badsazy cities .
Consumption of food and ammunition to maintain a military budget that is considered , can be used to build schools, clinics , etc. can be used for educational and scientific institutions and the army Vbjay back after some time , for example : one month, the need for this a budget which the in this project off to another place which is causing Vtrqy village from where the most important thing that peace can be a positive influence to prevent the destruction of culture , along with the fire of culture of the way encompasses fire .
For example, all or most of the attention goes to war and major injuries on the body of a country at war comes is the cultural stagnation . Culture community gets little attention .
Cultural society which is based on warlordism and everything related to the war and warlords is not devoid of violence .
( Violence ) and ( culture ) is always the same as the word is used opposite like war and peace in a society where the culture is headed toward war and violence can never be progress in that community because reasoning it comes down to society 's low level of education and illiteracy are the result of culture and society in which scientific and cultural foundation is weak, instead of a step towards to back up remove eats.

but that does not mean a thing called peace , or peace and reconciliation where there is the most important and plays the most important role .
but in the eyes of thousands of web refuge lies in the hands of aggressive alien invaders destroyed all their hopes of making them Prpr .
Woehr 's old country by the Afghan ground with his own hands to make Abad , the heart 's blood and tears in her eyes let a mother comforts , let us unite our elders and ancestors on his Vatfaq steady build - up of alien victims and offenders and Joe Biddle Means of destruction and doom outlook towards the village , our ancient culture and civilization are not.
It is the hope of the oppressed and war-torn nation to the next generation and development of culture and society , expressed Lets us proudly that we want real peace and no we will not stop trying .
F. Kakar

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