Peer Pressure and its overcome.

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Some of you may not have listened this term "peer pressure" ever in your life but this pressure has gotten so much into all of us that we don't even know it , so here i am explaining what is peer pressure. To describe this term and what kind of pressure it is i am going to give you an example from my life.

I studied in a boarding school and there was no-smoking rule enforced there. I had never smoked a cigarette in my entire life, While coming back from dinner i went on the roof to take a walk but i saw my friend smoking there. I was astonished as i had never imagined him smoking,I asked him why he does that and his reply was " To feel cool " WOW. This hit me so much and as i always wanted to seem cool in front of others i also smoked from that day afterwards.

The point is basically to help you get to know about this term , Peer pressure is a kind of pressure which influences you life in certain ways and sometimes you realize and sometimes not. And it is of both kinds , Positive and Negative. As the human nature is mainly attracted towards the negative things more than positive , so i am a bit more concerned about negative peer pressure and i am going to tell you some ways to eradicate that from your life.

1- Think For Yourself

Just before doing something after getting caught in peer pressure , just think once for yourself that if it's the right thing or not. I know now a days a person have much social gathering and all that but you have to control that because at the end it's the same world we live in. Allah has given our brain so much strength that if we think for ourselves that what is right and what is wrong , peer pressure is going to stay 100 miles away from us.

2- Prioritize

Prioritize yourself , Manage your life and your expensive time, This time will never come back . Make some priorities and practice to remain scheduled throughout the day. This way you will feel more responsible about the things which are important for you. I am not saying not to enjoy your life , Enjoy it but the things which don't matter much should never come in the way of those which matters.

3- Be Brave

Be brave enough to remain in the limits you have set for yourself. Set some limits for yourself and if anyone wants you to make you step out of your limits , you should be brave enough to say "NO". This isn't some cowardly act to say no , It is actually a brave step to stand out for yourself.

Always remember you are unique, brilliant, brave and creative. You are the most powerful creature in the world and you can do anything you want to do.



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