Pen instead of Gun

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As Afghanistan has passed three decades of devastated war because of having independence and we know that people had to have guns to do that, and keep their boondocks from being colonized which has been done and has been being appreciated. But it doesn’t mean that people have to have guns forever. Now it is the time at which guns should be put away and pen has to picked instead up for having a progressed country.

In addition, to having had tense economical condition, people are to try to have their country reconstructed.

In an ongoing effort to improve safety security and prosperity in Afghanistan, relief community is implementing new programmers to improve life across Afghanistan.

It is the time that ground has already been paved to progress the country towards peace, security and stability, people specially risen generations are to try for reconstruction of their homeland as well as government high-rank staff are to have had significant ideas for rehabilitation of the destroyed country.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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