People live up to our expectations

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In times we often say we have our users, product consumers, blog readers and we think they value our products and services, we believe they would keep doing the same regardless of what happens.

"Well, actually they don't"

We are wrong about them, indeed we are making a mistake.


They are not ours, they won't advertise us through word of mouth or by other means of communication just because we think they would. No, they won't value our products or services just because we think they would, maybe they would but for a short term because of the market conditions, but in long term they won't, main reason is they care for none other than their interests and themselves. For them the most important person is themselves. 

Which brings us to the conclusion that its the long term that matters most. That's why many organisations value their customers the most such as

"Customer is the king"

It's very important to look at the big picture and think out of the box in order to be a part of their future and thats the key to success.

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