People's views of the universe

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Finally,people vary in their beliefs about the origin of the universe and their place in it.Although most Americans practise religion,religious conviction and practise have been dropping off gradually through the years.Some futurists,however have noticed a renewed interest in spirituality,perhaps as a part of a broader search for a new inner purpose.



People have been moving away from materialism and dog-eat dog ambition to seek more permanent values---family,community,earth,faith and more certain grasp of right and wrong.People are on a a special journey,increasingly concerned with the meaning of life ans issues of the soul and spirit.They are increasingly looking to religion---Christianity,Judaism,Hinduism,Islam and others as a source of comfort in a chaotic world.




This new spiritualism affects consumers in everything from the television shows they watch and they books they read to the products they buy or consume.They are bringing awareness to the brands they buy.


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