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Christmas season is here once again!  Did someone already greet you? Well, if there is none, allow me to be the first to greet you a Merry Christmas!  It is a common knowledge that the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration compared to any country around the world. As soon as the 'ber' month started, you could start hearing Christmas songs being played in radios, in jeepneys, malls and almost every part of the country. The sweet Christmas hymns fill the air which is enough to make everyone become delighted and hopeful.

Almost everyone is starting their early preparation for the coming season. Others are doing the early shopping in order to avoid the rush hours while some are even starting to have decorations at this early. 

A Brief History of Christmas


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Christmas is a  religious tradition which started around 1500 when Spanish introduced Christianity to the Filipinos.  A large percentage of Filipinos are Christians which 80% are Catholics making the Christmas season as the most celebrated religious event. On the other hand, the Western culture influenced the country making the celebration a combination of both. 


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The official celebration starts on the eve of December 16th when the Midnight mass begins. People would wake up before dawn to attend the mass. The celebration lasts for nine days until the 24th of December. People believe that whoever would be able to complete the nine days novena masses will enjoy a wish being granted. 


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Different colored Christmas lights, lanterns, Christmas trees, and other decorations flourish the cities and this is such a wonderful sight every time. Personally, this is my happiest part of the year. I believe you would agree with me on that premise. 

Christmas Business Ideas

Now, let's go to the other side of Christmas season. The business side. Christmas celebration is always associated with festivities, merrymaking, and gift giving. For business-minded individuals, it is a perfect time to come up with an idea that will add to their income. 

Here is a list of timely and profitable business ideas you could try out during the holidays:

1. Food Business



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Many people love eating. Whether we like it for ourselves or for gift giving, food will always be a good idea. Some individuals would prefer giving and receiving food items instead of display items. So why not try something that would bring you an additional income for the holidays? If you have the skill in food preparation combined with a creative skill, this business is for you. 

Cookies, cakes or other delicacies placed in a reusable jar container can be such an exciting gift item for the holidays. Why? Jars can be used for other purposes after the occasion. So, we can be assured that our gift is being used even after the Christmas season. Jars can also be an indispensable display item. It is just giving two gifts at a time. This can also save us from spending an additional amount on gift wrapping materials which will cause too much garbage after the occasion. 

With a lot of people who might be having the same idea as your, how can you stand out from the group? Here my additional tips:

  • Give extra for buying the products in bulk, say free item for every 6 items purchased.
  • You can add a personalized note with a dedication. 
  • You can offer a free delivery service.
  • You can offer to deliver the item to the person for whom the gift is intended for.  This will come as a great surprise!



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People are most of the time busy with their work but would still love to spend the holidays with their family and loved ones. During these moments, foods are necessary. Oftentimes, they could no longer devote time for food preparations because of tight schedules. So most people end up buying ready-made cakes and other viands during the occasion. 

2. Christmas Decors


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The Christmas celebration will be incomplete if there are no decorations at our home. If you have skill in creating decors, you can make and sell those items. As a twist, why not offer home decorating service for the holiday instead? This will help save the time of the clients. This service is usually associated with a catering business but we can have it as a stand-alone business.

3. Handmade Gifts


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Bags, stuff toys, personalized mugs, calendars, notebooks, and organizers can be a good gift. If you have the skill of creating one, then you can make it as a business for the coming holidays.

4. Gift Wrapping Service


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There are some individuals who have an exceptional skill in gift wrapping. During this season, most people would like their gift to be something different. If you have this skill, why not try to offer services for gift wrapping. You don't need to open a stall for this. You can use social media to promote your products. 

5. Use It as a Topic for Your Blog


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This is for writers and bloggers like us. Christmas is a season where people tend to search for Christmas items, gift ideas, and history. If you are writing for your own site or for others, this is a perfect topic to talk about in order for the advertisers to place their ads. 

Here is another video that will inspire you to take another mile in business.

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On the final thought...

Having to earn an extra amount during the holidays can help us in many ways. While others are thinking of what to buy this coming holiday, we can also think about what we can offer. 

Thank you for the read.

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