Petrol crises in pakistan

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As we know that there is current petrol shortcomings in pakistan for which PM nawaz sharif got depressed and he just forcing the petroleum minister to apologise for a crisis that has brought parts of the nation to a standstill.

This shortage of petrol began last week, which first hitting Pakistan's central Punjab province and the capital Islamabad, and then spread  to northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and parts of the country's biggest city which is karachi but not in whole sindh.

 Indeed people are angry as they need petrol specially for bikes as they can not run on cng. The affected areas ground to a halt, taking many buses off the roads and prompting angry scuffles at petrol stations, with tempers fraying as people waited in long queues for fuel. Some filling stations were forced to close.

The big reason which government show is that the shortage was sparked earlier this month when banks refused to extend further credit to Pakistan State Oil (PSO), forcing the state-owned fuel supplier to slash imports.. Any how they had said this shortage will overcomed in a week soon.

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