Photography As A Trending Passion

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What Is Passion?

Passion is a natural gift given to us by someone. In simpler words Passion is given to us by Allah. Now day’s parents are confused between passion and profession. They forced their child to study hard in the fields which are in scope within near future. Students took admission in the field of their parent’s choice. But what’s next? As far as we talked about competency the students can’t fill that competency gap between the passion and that forced education.


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Trending passions of Now days:

Photography is considered as one of the trending passion in the 90’s kids to present in Pakistan. What about parents? They are very worried about the future of their Child.


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I’ve asked so many parents about the photography.Their replies are very scary and heartbreaking.

Me: What if your child wants to start photography as their career?

Father:  Photography is just time wasting exercise, picking a toy in a hand looks better when the person is on vacations or on tours. If my child really loves photography then he can do the photo shoot in their family trips and weddings because it looks as a passion not a profession.

Well he is right up to some extent but how can we ignore the talent of so many emerging youth. Their pictures aren’t only pictures; their pictures are telling different stories about some deep realities and dark fantasies of our societies. 


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