Photography, my true love.

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If there is one thing I love, that's photography. With that, I can tell a story without saying anything, and it is almost a magic for me. 

I'm not a professionist, and neither an expert: I try to improve myself with the constant confronting with who knows more than me.


Sometimes, I fell that being professional isn't the most important thing in photography: in my opinion, it is more important to make others feel something.

I think that everyone can make good art: the point isn't always and only technique, but empathy with the world. 

I didn't travel a lot in my life, but I have seen difficult situations and knew a lot of different kind of people: that's why I love portraits the most. By looking in the eyes of someone, you can learn something about yourself too.


Article and photos by Aryma

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I'm an italian girl interested in languages and translations. My passion is photography, but I'm also interested in animals and ecology.

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