Photos Underage Nude Athletes also Stolen from iCloud

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McKayla Maroney (

Not only targeting celebrities, hackers reportedly stole nude photos of an athlete from the United States of cloud-based storage service, Apple's iCloud.

McKayla Maroney is, a woman gymnastics athlete who joined the national team in 2012 Olympic USA Today joined with the United States Olympic team, Maroney has just reached the age of 16 years. And according to information published by BuzzFeed, most likely Maroney nude photos were stolen and circulated by hackers is nude when she was underage.

Suddenly the news is making the management of social networking Reddit panic. Reddit itself is known as one of the social networks that exploited by hackers to distribute nude photos of artists that had been stolen from iCloud.

Page Business Insider, Wednesday (03/09/2014) report, the committee released a statement Reddit direct warning to the user and their social networking services. Its content is an appeal to the users helped remove Maroney nude photos that have been spread on Reddit terlanjut. Therefore, the case dragged layannya Reddit worried that recent child pornography is being intensively eradicated by industry stakeholders based internet business.

"We would and do recommend removing all of the things they contain pictures (McKayla Maroney and nude photos of underage other). Because the content fit into the category of child pornography, and violation of the rules of the site Reddit (and international law)," wrote reddit.

Reddit had previously been in trouble with child pornography cases when the artist nude MTV star, Liz Lee, who was only 16 years of outstanding service in their social networks.

Besides Maroney, another USA athlete nude photo stolen by hackers is also sexy soccer team goalkeeper Hope Solo USA. In the photo, Solo was seen in the bathroom. He selfie with his back to the glass. The buttocks of 33-year-old goalkeeper is clearly visible.

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