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carbon exist in nature both in free and combined state.the combined forms of carbon is carbon dioxide which is the combination of carbon and oxygen carbonates like calcium carbonate which is the combination of calcium and carbon,magnesium carbonates.

in combined form carbon exist in the form of hydrocarbons like petroleum and natural gas and complex organic compound like plants and animals. there are three allotropic forms of carbons that are graphite,diamond and amorphous carbon.

there are so many chemical properties of carbon.carbon react with oxygen to form carbon dioxide .when carbon react with carbon dioxide to form carbon monoxide and produce hydrogen gas.carbon react with nitric oxide to form carbon dioxide ,nitrogen oxide and water.when carbon react with lead oxide to form carbon dioxide and lead .there are so many oxides of carbon like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

the physical properties of carbon are that their melting point is 3500 degree centigrade .carbon are insoluble in water,alkalies and acids like nitric acid.carbon is used as an industrial purposes like it is used as reducing agent for the extraction of is used for the preparation of is used in electrolytic cell in the form of is used laboratory for the preparation of different solution and chemicals.

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