Physical and chemical properties of Diamond and its market value

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Diamond are naturally occurring substance and also prepare or made artificially. Natural diamond exist in the form of stone under the rocks. Diamond are not present in free state. Diamond is form of carbon .They are present in compound with many other metal.

Diamond are naturally occurs in many countries like south Africa, south and north America, Pakistan and India etc. Diamond are found in different colors like red diamond, blue diamond, black diamond, white diamond. The most beautiful among all this is red diamond. They are used in jewellery as a stone.

It is the most expensive diamond. Diamond is also used in jewelry and it is also very expensive stone compare to the other store while diamond also used in cutting of glass in different glass industries. Blue and black diamond are also very beautiful and expensive. It is made artificially in the laboratory.

The rich people store money in the form of diamond because it is the most expensive stone . The people store this in the banks and different tight security places. The price of diamond are increasing day by day. Only those people who are highly rich can afford it.

In different country the diamond is the most expensive thing as a smuggling and other illegal processed. In short diamond is the most attractive, beautiful and expensive among all the other stone and they are used for different purposes legal and illegal but it is also used in various industries has a work.

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