Physical fitness and awareness

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Physical fitness and awareness

If we are not used a machine for a long time it become rusty. Our body is also a machine, and therefore it must be used properly. In old times, people would do everything by hand, and therefore had a lot of exercise in the course of day in doing there different works. However, as the machine were invented physical labour become less, so that in modern times some people are not involved in any physical job at all.

For this reason, the concept of physical exercise, swimming and going to gymnasium has become very popular in developed countries. Man and women who work in offices and do not have to do any physical work, make it their habit to do some physical exercise in the course of a day. This exercise can be in form of workouts, walking, jogging, swimming or anything else as long as it allows all the muscles of the body to stay in tone. In our society, concept of regular exercise not common due to the lack of education and health awareness. However most of the people of our society giving attention and taking interest in taking some regular exercise. So they can maintain their health and keep their body in perfect shape.   

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