Physical structure of water and its inmportance and advantage in our life

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Water is the mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen that are react each other and make water liquid.It is one of natural gift of God that is necessary for our life.

All living things are consist of water like human body contain 2 to 3 % water.It is clear,color less liquid that appears blue.The freezing point of water is 0 degree centigrade and boiling point is 100 degree centigrade.

The importance of water in our life is apparent as it help our body to balance our body temperature and specific metabolic tasks and also help in circulation of blood and digestion of food.There are no doubt that water is every where and it is important for our life and also life of inhabiting it.

As we know that 70% of water is present on our earth but we do not waste it.Water contains no calories and is a significant factor of losing weight.It is full of Qualities that is necessary for our body.we should teach our children to turn of faucets tightly after using it.We should safe water for Humans,plants and all living things.

Water is also help to control the temperature of earth that is increases due to sun heat.Water of sea,rivers ans ponds are absorb this heat and balance the weather.Water is known as elixir of life.So conserve water to save life.

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