Pineapples Scene Poses

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Too tired tonight to do anything new.

But here are some enjoyable poses of Pineapples in a predicament. In no particular order. After hiding in a plastic shopping bag, Pineapples finds himself in the grips of the crinkly demon.

This really happened to my ex-cat. It was sort of a slow burn. She realized the bag was still there and the faster she walked the the more sound it made. In a flash she tore about the living room in a circle bounding from one piece of furniture to another, twice, until she left the bag behind.

I've never seen a cat breathe harder in my life.

These drawings and the similar drawings in the surrounding scenes were blasted out during an all nighter. I don't think I've ever drawn so much in a 24 hour period. Seriously.

I actually really love these drawings. I had started to really nail the character and how to render him. I liked the anatomical touches and the proportions and the squash and stretch of the furry form.

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