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Plants are of different kinds they are categories in flowering plants and non flowering plants. Flowering plants have flowers and fruits. Seeds are enclosed in fruits n some plants they are outside the fruit. Non flowering plants have no flowers. Flowers are used for much purpose. Different flowers are roses lily jasmine sunflower etc. their fragrances are very sweet.

Flowers are used in different functions and situations. Flowers enhance the beauty of surroundings. Some flower is used in medicine like roses. Flowers feel us happy.

Animals are categories in groups. Worms are of many kinds like round worm segmented worms. For example tape worm leech. Jointed legs animals which have jointed legs and some of them can fly. They have three arts of body head, thorax and abdomen. Examples are butterfly house fly cockroach prawn Scorpio etc. some animals are warm blooded and some are cold blooded animals.

Fishes and bats are cold blooded animals. Fishes live in water and respire through gills. Example trout shark dolphin etc. warm blooded animals live on land but some of them live both on land and in water. Like frog salamander etc. Mammals feed their young one on their milk. Some mammals are egg laying and some gave birth to their baby.

Examples are kangaroo horse elephant etc. Birds are also animals. Some birds can fly because they have strong feathers and some cannot because they have week feathers. Examples are sparrow crow ostrich parrots etc.

Animals are very helpful for humans some are use to carry load and some were used in fields like buffalo in old days in villages. Some animal’s meats are also used as food. Like hen cow goat sheep etc.

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