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There was a miracle in Vailankanni Church, India in the 16th Century. Until today nobody would have heard about it in the church of Vailankanni. One Sunday, Mother Mary appeared in a form of an infant to a person. She told him `Do not be afraid, have faith and listen to me. I am coming to this world. Print 2,000 leaflets in my name and distribute to the people to spread this message to wash away the sins and receive all the goodness in life. Do it in my name.` say this, Mother Mary (who was in the form of an infant) disappeared. Hearing this; a man in Vishalatnam printed 515 leaflets and distributed the same. After a few days the man received a blessing of Mother Mary and got 50 rupee taks by lottery.

  • In Agra, a man  printed 615 leaflets. Within 24 days he got a pot of gold coins through blessings of Mother Mary.
  • A poor man who thought of printing this message was blessed by Mother Mary and got a job. He printed 1,000 leaflets in thanksgiving.
  • Another person who did not believe in this, mocked about it and destroyed the leaflets. The disbeliever lost his son.
  • In a place sale Lathara, 5 people together printed 2,530 leaflets and distribute the same. Mother Mary blessed them and received good profits in their business.
  • Hearing this, a poor rickshaw printed 1,000 leaflets, Mother Mary helped him in getting 50 rupee taks.
  • In town called Mangavinal, a poor family printed 1,000 leaflets, Mother Mary blessed them and they got everything they had asked for.
  • A family in old Mangalom Channel 33 who came across the message, delayed spreading the same by 15 days. Their new automobile met an accident and they lost a lot of money. They faced many problems in their family.

As Jesus said, : `Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find`. So ask with faith and you will receive it. Print this leaflet within 10 days spreading this message of our Mother Mary and Jesus and you will receive all the blessings and achieve what you want. Please do not destroy this after reading. Give it to others. Respect His Holy Name.



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