Poem: Only If You Say So; I Disagree

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Only If You Say So; I Disagree



The frantic forensics

Of lost thought

Sidelined action

Of political destiny

Racing cosmic significance

In a dead man's eyes


The heated poet

On fire

Observed a thousand layers back

Fornicated in extended lies

Breathtaking torture of truth

Crucified in porn


The words have no meaning

Without witch

They suffer the consequences

But the right sounds are not the answer

They are the trap of conceptionlessness


Casual cosmic commandment

Has no peers

You creep


A thousand layers back

You weep

For the right man

This language has damned you


Silence is not the answer

It is the end result

The two methods are

Bridges and meditation


Not considered holistically

But as mutual exclusives


Conceptual bridges, you see

Do not exist

Yet their framework in reality

Cannot, either, depend on the mind

But on doing

And doing never results

From pure philosophy


There was never an action

That was not related to politics


Never was there a blowjob

That was not put forth indirectly

By hatred for certain races.

We select those who will be blown

By those whom we kill.


Next time she rides you

Ponder this after you ejaculate:

Taxation is self-hatred.


The battle of the sexes

Is rooted in 

The battle in the self

Of whom you are

Much denied:





But, it is

The logical result

Of existence


You didn't think

That you knew you couldn't

So that you did

Whereupon, you could not.

Because otherwise

You wouldn't have

Since you couldn't not.

And so you didn't

Resulting in did.


And inward.


It is not a question

Of whether I am deep.

It is a question

Of why you recognize it;

It springs from You.

That which you perceive

Is a credit to you

As much as it is to me.


Or do you consider yourself


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