Poem Title: Hello

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Hello my nice and beauty pretense of my life

Yah again it’s me usual crazy and nightlife

Sacrifice on your kindness and on your laughing mode

I miss you so much and my heart start to wrote 

If you know ask about my condition, is like Withered flowers

Your glance is so badly empty in my eyes and no empowers

All cloud is near of me and all air is full of sorrow and sad

Whatever I tell about my miss is less swear to you I am so bad

Last night I miss you and so sad I shout so loud to sky 

You may come to me or carry me I was so cry

Sacrifice on you dear you don’t know what pain I survive

Sacrifice on you baby told you the face to end I am arrive 

You don’t know how much I miss you, how I miss you

Do you remember that a hurt heart is waiting for you?

I know dear I know in these days you will forget my love

And you will aware your lover is death , you are free from love 


Writer: Ahmad Shadab Mahsher 

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